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Does your dancer want to be part of  a motivated and dedicated team?

Miller’s Dance Force is a competitive dance company based out of Miller’s Dance Studio. Our competitive company takes dancers to the next level with an abundance of technique classes, convention opportunities, and guest artist experiences.

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This site offers Frequently Asked Questions, cost information, class information, a link to our online application, and more!   If you have any additional information, please feel free to contact us through millersdanceforce@gmail.com.

Auditions and all practices will be held at the Miller’s Hampden location, 15162 East Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014.

How much time do dancers “practice?”

In addition to required technique classes, competitive dancers attend one additional rehearsal day a week. These days are strictly for working on competition dances, either Tuesday or Friday. Required technique classes are generally held throughout the week. On average, dancers are at the studio 10 hours per week. Younger dancers vary.

Do we have fundraising options?

Yes! We do have a fundraising group, Dancing Kids, that offers our parents a variety of fundraising opportunities.










Being a part of the competitive dance company, students are required to take a set of classes weekly. REQUIRED classes include but are not limited it ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, Strength Conditioning/Turns and Leaps, and lyrical. Additional classes we offer are hip hop, contemporary, modern , acro/tumbling,  acting/musical theater, and stretch and strength.


For our competitive dance team, a large majority of the competition dances are learned and set for the season in the summer months (June-August). Dancers are not only required to come to regularly scheduled technique classes, they are also required to come to an ALL Tuesday or Friday rehearsal times and may even need to use weekends for setting pieces.


In addition to regular summer classes, we do have professional working dancers come in during the summer and throughout the year that hold master classes in various dance styles. All company members are required to take classes from the guest.


Part of Miller’s Dance Studio’s regular summer schedule, we do offer a variety of summer intensives that dancers can take. Though these are not required, they are encouraged for dancers.


As dancers start going back to school, we use the last two weeks of August to finish up all competition dances. During these two weeks, dancers will be required to come at specific times and days during week.







Dance Team Expenses

MDF expenses are combined and based off of an average cost per dance. Dance cost are based off of entry fee, costume, and admin fees.  These cost are IN ADDITION to regular tuition cost.  Additional expenses include a company jacket, 1-3 dance conventions, solo/duo/trio cost if applicable, guest artist fees, master class fees, registration/contract fee,  hair combs and earrings, and other costume needs like shoes, rhinestones, etc.

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